Koo Zee Doo

I wanted to include some information about food customs in this post simply for the educational value of it, but I’m still reading. I’ll work on that research & report back. Tonight’s post is about tonight’s dinner.

I have a couple of eating buddies: people that like to eat the food I like to eat and the way I like to eat it. Sharing. If you can’t share, you can’t eat with me. Pretty simple rule.  And this includes when we go to a place where you would absentmindedly order an appetizer, an entrée & a dessert. Earlier this year, I had dinner with my dad and 2 friends and we literally rotated the plates around the table. That dining experience is in my top 10 of all time. So was tonight.

Koo Zee Doo. Seriously good food. Husband & wife owned, quaint, comfortable, warm, family style food. You can see & taste the detail and care that goes into each dish. Being a “front of the house” gal, I have to also mention the kind, knowledgeable, staff. Both of these things represent what I look for in a staple.

Monday nights are always hard for me. I work late the day before, I get bombarded with “stuff” at my day job and the grocery stores are always crowded at night. Why wouldn’t I want to eat out on a Monday? Tonight I was with my chef BFF: the only person that is as big a snob as I am when it comes to eating. That’s not to say we only eat at the most upscale, trendy places. It is to say we only eat good food. We’ll try anything. And I am the opposite of most “yelpers”, I will only write good reviews; this business is too hard & still so under-appreciated.

What we ate:

Tomato salad with pickled red onions, fresh oregano, olives & house made fresh goat’s milk cheese. Oh the cheese – it was similar to the consistency of fresh ricotta & so amazing. We watched Chef David carefully slice, toss and present this perfect plate of late summer freshness.

Picanha Steak with prosciutto, a fried egg & hand cut potato “half dollars”. I’m a sucker for a fried egg on just about anything. The steak was perfectly cooked & seasoned. I’m pretty sure this cut of meat is the top butt steak – this part of the cow is known for its flavorful meat. It is a boneless cut, with a good amount of muscle giving it that robust, but not overwhelming taste.

And finally, a seafood stew with lobster, prawn, clams, potatoes, onions & green peppers in a hearty broth; one of those perfect comfort meals that was a tremendous compliment to the cool evening.

If you haven’t been, you should add it to your list (you do have a list, right?). Bring a group & make sure everyone likes to share. David & Carla are really doing something special! 614 N. 2nd Street, Philadelphia.


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