Having been raised in the south by one parent from the Midwest and one from the Northeast, I turned out to be a city girl with an internal need to always be on the move, seeing and experiencing things different from my comfort zone. In fact, my parents once said to me, “If you move to the moon, we’ll come visit”. Obviously, I didn’t move to the moon, but I did move to a city and I try to visit other cities as much as my funds will allow.

My dad recently moved to DC and though I wouldn’t want to live there, DC has a wonderful restaurant scene, great museums and it feels almost fortified to me. The buildings are grand, the sidewalks are expansive and each neighborhood lends a distinguishing characteristic to the town. Not to mention, most of the museums are free. In April this year I visited my dad and one of the highlights of the trip was visiting the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Their mission says, “We seek to share the transformative power of modern and contemporary art with audiences at all levels of awareness and understanding by creating meaningful, personal experiences in which art, artists, audiences and ideas converge.” This was certainly my experience there on that perfect April day.

I wouldn’t exactly say I am into art. I’ve visited many art museums over the years but for the most part I am a realist. I like tangible, scientific things. A point with an end. That makes sense to me. And sometimes art confuses me. What am I supposed to think? Am I reading between the lines well enough? And oh the internal torture of my brain, did I look like an idiot because I didn’t get it?

Fortunately, the Hirshhorn had an amazing collection by Jesús Rafael Soto. This made sense to me. In particular, The Penetrable, was impressive to me in ways that I find hard to express in words. Art that related to science. Art that made me feel like whatever I took away from the work was the “right feeling”. I read that the artist wrote this about his work. “The Penetrable is the materialization of the idea which gave rise to my thoughts about the state of the space of the universe, completely occupied by relations. It throws light on the question of sensitive space, continually filled with the purest structural values, such as energy, time and movement. The reality of the experience of the beholder who takes part by going into the Penetrable, and so into a different time-space, will be clearer for him the day he can move freely in weightless surroundings.”

love my pops!

I guess my point of today’s post is, if you never go there, you’ll never know. Let life surprise you (I should really learn to take my own advice). It’s a beautiful day to visit a museum. Washington DC in the fall is stunning. Take a road trip and see where you wind up.


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