Amalgamation of my time

Do you know the Shel Silverstein book, “The Missing Piece”? I didn’t until recently. Not only was it the exact message I needed for my birthday, it was also given to me by the person that I love the most in this world. I’ve always known this about my gay niglet but I get a little bit verklempt when I think about just how much he means to me, how many unbelievable memories we have together and how many more are to come.

the book

the book

The New York Times review of this book says, “This fable can also be interpreted to mean that no one should try to find all the answers, no one should hope to fill all the holes in themselves, achieve total transcendental harmony or psychic order because a person without a search, loose ends, internal conflicts and external goals becomes too smooth to enjoy or know what’s going on. Too much satisfaction blocks exchange with the outside.” My not so humble opinion is that we humans should think about this more, including myself.

This last week brought some disappointing food, some unexpected deliciousness, and overall some great friend time. And to boot, this last week has been peaceful, especially in my brain. I like peaceful.

So this last week. Only the good stuff. I met up with some of my girlfriends, Ardell, Queen Bet and Western Lea for some anti-V-day fun. I can’t tell you about the food because I didn’t like it. But Blanton’s was on their shelf so I distracted my food disappointment with bourbon and great girlfriends.

not so fabulous meat & cheese plate

not so fabulous meat & cheese plate

i wanted these to be good!

i wanted these to be good!

JAZZ! Wiener dog and I got to see an incredible jazz band called the Gin Canaries. They played music from the 20s to the 40s and are worth checking out. It just flowed with my week of listening to WRTI on my ride home from work everyday.

Dive Bars! There’s nothing about a bar with no one it, that sells $4.50 bourbon, and incredible conversation, with someone I don’t see very often, that I don’t love. Except maybe that I worry about whether the bar is actually making money. I think this bar is.

New York! While my NYC restaurant experiences, of late, have not been stellar, I will admit that I am not spending $200 per person when I eat there. This trip introduced me to French food in Harlem. Plate licking good food, beautiful staff speaking French and that timeless feeling of a bistro.  Maison Harlem will be a place I go to every time I’m there.



Astor Wine & Spirits is quite possibly, the most orgasmic liquor store I have ever set foot in. A mission to find something for Gay Niglet’s variation of the mint julep for his Kentucky Derby party ended with us spending $120 on some really cool shit. Old Scout Smooth Ambler may be my new favorite bourbon – side note, they carry it at Time – and Cardamaro tops any vermouth I have ever had. I don’t really like vermouth but I do understand its role. Cardamaro is a wine based Amaro (Italian for bitter) and is a bitter sweet concoction of herbs and vegetables. This is a trend I would stand behind. Someone start it, I’ll follow. But only because I knew it first… A cardoon may be my next tattoo. It just looks like something I would like.


Overall, this last week has been pretty great, even if there is not much food to write about.

I think I want to forever sing, “Oh, I’m looking for my missing piece.”

And wait, there’s more…look what I’m doing tomorrow…

look for me!

look for me!


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