bangin sushi from Hikaru

bangin sushi from Hikaru

This post is not about sushi, but I had to include the picture because it was just so vibrant in this mostly grey week…

I admittedly ate Taco Bell everyday in high school. I still have a soft spot for a Baja Beef Gordita and bean burrito with extra cheese and onions. On those days when I’ve hit every red light possible, gotten stuck behind the old man driving 15mph while trying to merge into traffic going 50mph on a short entrance ramp, been ogled by some man with missing teeth and wearing a sweat suit, I figure what’s the worst that could happen. I get in my car and make the trek to the closest taco bell for my biannual visit.

Once my friends and I had our licenses, we were at the Taco Bell drive through every day after school. So much so, that we were on a first name basis with the drive through operator. One of my friends drove a baby blue 1960s mustang. I thought she was so cool. I’m pretty sure it was my first exposure to “vintage”. Everything about her was cool. She had a boyfriend, her parents were rarely home, wore the coolest jewelry, knew all about classic rock and she ate pomegranate seeds. On one such random afternoon at her house she introduced me to these slightly sweet and sour seeds. I believe I spent the remainder of that year painstakingly removing the arils from the white membrane. And while I was (and am still) slightly annoyed by the texture of the little seed inside, I ate them because she did.

And so it amused me when Belle, the youngest daughter of my boss, asked me if I knew what pomegranates were and would I pick some up for her the next time I was at the store. She said it was her latest addiction. Nostalgia set in and I wonder, what is it about pomegranates & teenage girls?

This fruit has been mentioned since ancient times and is rich in health benefits. Is it that time in your life when you begin to think about what you eat? When you start to pay attention to older women’s habits and try to emulate them? Regardless, it’s encouraging to see healthy eating habits in others, especially teenage girls. Sadly, the season for pomegranates has ended in the Northern hemisphere and now only the juice remains until next fall. I’m ok with that though because as I type I see buds on the Bradford Pear trees in front of my house!

my Bradford Pear tree

my Bradford Pear tree


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